I Am Scotty


How It Works

Scotty is a unique blend of two vital ingredients, Design and Illustration that are proven to enhance  the performance  of almost any design project.

Originally introduced by the British military during the cold war so that one designer could be taken into the field instead of the usual troop of “one trick ponies”. Since then it has been developed, refined and improved over the years while still retaining its original flavour.

Scotty is a broad spectrum ingredient made to a patented , 100% natural formula that is actually good for the environment and now has added AWESOMENESS!

It’s legendary versatility and adaptable nature means it has almost limitless capabilities and can be either poured on liberally or dabbed sparingly to suit your exact taste and It’s vector based properties make for a very easily transported due to its compact size can be delivered right to your inbox.

Not only is it perfect for use on the web, it has also been used just as successfully on advertising, apparel, television, product design, app’s, games and is proven to cure toothache and remove unwanted hair.

Take a look at just a few satisfied users below.