I Am Scotty



Scott Jackson (aka Scotty) was born in Sheffield in the North of England.

Saying goes that from an early age he was forced to use drawing to compensate for his lack of ability to form mental pictures in his head (aphantasia) so he used a piece of paper and pencil instead.

Finding he enjoyed the negative attention that he got from his rude doodles at school he decided a career in design was for him.

He found early inspiration from vintage advertising mascots and surf and skateboarding graphics and combined his love for both design and illustration which gave birth to “Desillustration”. A term he made up using his own head.

From his stumbling beginnings working in the dark and dangerous South Yorkshire Clip Art Mines he has gone on to work both in-house and freelance and has consulted for companies in Europe, the USA, Australia that include Disney, ESPD, Formula 1, Saatchi & Saatchi and the BBC.

He is also very proud to be an artist for the iconic Australian clothing company Mambo and being deemed “A Honorary Aussie” by the Australian design community.

Vector graphics are by far his favourite medium and he uses Illustrator to create them but he also dabbles in making all sorts of stuff from murals to tattooing.

He is married to his best mate (Claire) and between them they have two small boys called Reef and Sol, two hairless dogs named Boosh and Freck’s and a tortoise called Speed’s.

They all live in North Derbyshire on the edge of the beautiful Peak District much to the annoyance of the rest of it’s residents.

If you want to talk to him about a project or just talk “stuff”, then simply hit him up by using the form in the “Contact” bit or by firing him an e-mail over to: info@iamscotty.com. (The e-mail is more reliable)

He looks forward to hearing from you and is probably missing you already.